The Lee Henry Oswald Books

(Originally published by Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Minotaur. Reprint editions available from Brash Books)

Still River by Harry Hunsicker
February 2014 | Brash | 978-1477808726

Still River

Book One

It’s not easy being named Oswald, not in the city where Lee Harvey grabbed his fifteen minutes of infamy and choked it to death. It’s especially hard when half the town seems determined to kill you for reasons as murky as the river that splits the city in two. For Lee Henry Oswald, a private investigator, Gulf War vet, and terminal loner, it’s just one more burden to face as he trudges through the gritty underbelly of the concrete and glass metropolis that is Dallas in the new millennium. A simple assignment turns deadly when Oswald asks the right questions in the wrong places, and finds himself drawn into a shadowy world of smooth-talking drug lords and double-dealing real estate developers. In the end, he learns that blood is not always thicker than water, especially the muddy tributaries of the Trinity River, where he confronts the deadly results of his own decisions as he races to save the life of his partner.

Praise for Still River

“Great new noir…If this doesn’t light you up, seek immediate medical help.”
—Lee Child
“Hunsicker does everything right—no nonsense prose, a tough but sympathetic hero, and a case that pulls at the heartstrings.”
—Rick Riordan
“Dave Robicheaux fans should check this one out.”
December 2014 | Brash | 978-1477825754

The Next Time You Die

Book Two

Dallas PI Lee Oswald is busy working for a preacher, looking for a stolen file, when he agrees to help a state senator who is being threatened—if the politician doesn’t change his vote on a controversial environmental bill, his family will be killed, one by one, until he does. The two cases violently converge, making Oswald both a target for killers and wanted by the police for a murder he didn’t commit. The only way out is to confront a dark secret from his past that could destroy him.

Praise for The Next Time You Die

“What do you call a boozehound preacher, a southern-fried hitman, half a dozen rattlesnakes and the redneck mafia? Business as usual for Dallas PI Lee Henry Oswald. If you take your detective novels straight up with a Tabasco chaser, order this Harry Hunsicker.”
—Sean Doolittle
“How does one describe P.I. Lee Henry Oswald? Sam Spade with a Texas twang? Mike Hammer with spurs? Nope, none of that’s good enough. If you like tough-talking, hard-as-nails private eyes, then don’t miss [it]. Buy this book right now, or I’ll spit warm gin in your eye.”
—Victor Gischler
“This is the most fun you’ll having reading a mystery this year…. Hunsicker has proved he’s the heir apparent to Robert B. Parker. The action never lets up, the characters are the most likeable the genre has to offer, and the one liners will make you laugh out loud. What a wonderful book. Buy it, you’ll love it.”
—J.A. Konrath
August 2015 | Brash | 978-1477827659


Book Three

Ex-PI Oswald is working as a bartender, and just wants to be left alone…but an old friend calls in a favor and he reluctantly agrees to help a dying, military veteran find his missing daughter. The hunt plunges Oswald into a deadly, government conspiracy and into battle with a former spy-turned-assassin intent on destroying scientific research into a mysterious illness that’s afflicting Gulf War soldiers. To save the girl, and himself, Oswald must delve into the dark heart of the Dallas underworld again—and face the deadliest enemy he’s ever known.

Praise for Crosshairs

Crosshairs delivers the goods: Layered, intense, and rich with deadly characters. Hunsicker is an emerging star.”
—Robert Crais
“A first-rate thriller. The terrific joy of Crosshairs is the dialogue—crisp, in your face, and as raw and mean as the east streets of Dallas, but with a fine line of humor shot-through.”
—Ken Bruen