About HArry

Harry Hunsicker was born in Dallas, Texas, a fourth-generation native of the city and sixth generation native of the state. He graduated from the Episcopal School Dallas and then from Baylor University, where he studied history and political science. Hunsicker spent his working career as a commercial real estate appraiser, which, he likes to point out, is usually a job for people who find accounting too exciting. From an early age, however, Hunsicker wanted to be a writer, but it took until the early 2000s for him to pursue that goal in earnest. He began taking creative writing classes through the continuing education department at a local university. This resulted in his first novel, the Shamus Award nominated Still River, about a Dallas PI with the unfortunate name of Lee Henry Oswald. Hunsicker has since written and been fortunate enough to have published eight more crime thrillers. A rabid movie fan, Hunsicker also writes screenplays. His short script—the PG13 titled (S)hit Squad, the story of a hitman with irritable bowel syndrome—was produced in 2022 and has since garnered a number of awards including Best Screenplay by the Twin Lakes Film Festival. Hunsicker lives in Dallas with his wife Alison, an attorney.