The Devil’s Country

“Hunsicker tells Baines’ story in understated prose that can move effortlessly into highly emotional moments.…But the real and perhaps surprising appeal here comes from the enduring power of the old myth of the mysterious stranger who arrives—and leaves—with the wind.” —Booklist

The Contractors

“With The Contractors, Hunsicker delivers a compelling thriller, a high-power rollercoaster ride across the dusty plains of West Texas and the back streets of Dallas.” –Harlan Coben

Hunsicker’s latest book imagines a frightening scenario: private military contractors—the corporate soldiers usually found roaming the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan—are operating within the borders of the United States.  With a relentless pace and doses of black humor, Hunsicker creates a thrilling combination of  What-If with an altogether plausible What-Actually-Might-Be, giving the reader a remarkable post-9/11,War-on-Drugs novel.  –David Morrell, best-selling author of First Blood, and The Brotherhood of the Rose, co-founder of the International Thriller Writers

The Contractors is film noir without the film, cyberpunk without the cyber.  It’s a world to lose yourself in, a fascinating tale that lives in shades of grey.  The prose is muscular, the images vivid, and the pace relentless.  Simply put, Hunsicker kills it.  –Marcus Sakey, author of The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes and host of the Travel Channel’s Hidden City.

“The Contractors is the fully-loaded model with all the options. With streetwise and wisecracking Jon Cantrell and Piper at the wheel, they take the reader for one hell of a ride through the drug and crime-ravaged parts of Texas that don’t appear on picture postcards or tourist brochures.”  –Reed Farrel Coleman, three-time Shamus Award-winning author of Hurt Machine


“Hunsicker’s strong third Lee Henry Oswald contemporary hard-boiled mystery, like its two predecessors…does for Dallas what Loren Estelman’s Amos Walker novels have done for Detroit…Hunsicker has a flair for turning phrases and his broken, wounded characters could have stepped straight from the pages Cornell Woolrich’s despairing stories.”  —Publishers Weekly

“Harry Hunsicker fuses a white-knuckled thriller with a post-modern detective novel, and Crosshairs delivers the goods:  Layered, intense, and rich with deadly characters.  Let there be no doubt—Hunsicker is an emerging star.”  –Robert Crais, bestselling author of The Two Minute Rule

“Crosshairs has one gem of a plot…a first-rate thriller.” –Ken Bruen, Shamus Award-winning author of The Guards

The Next Time You Die

“This novel offers arresting descriptions of Dallas’ many mean streets; complex,
interesting characters; and a relentless narrative drive. Compelling reading
from a new name in noir.” —Booklist

“Hunsicker’s second detective caper featuring hard-luck investigator Lee Henry Oswald should earn Dallas a colored pushpin on the wisecraking-gumshoe map.” –Texas Monthly
“Hunsicker has a wonderfully ironic sense of Dallas society and an even funnier take on those pretensions…amid such humor, Mr. Hunsicker creates a fine cast of supporting characters… The Next Time You Die manages to delight.”  —The Dallas Morning News

“The Next Time You Die is a worthy follow-up to Still River, perfect beach reading…enjoyable…good stuff.” —D Magazine


“Clever writing and an intriguing plot keep the pages of Still River turning.” —The Dallas Morning News

“Great new noir…If this doesn’t light you up, seek immediate medical help.” –Lee Child, bestselling author of One Shot

“A solid debut.” —Publishers Weekly

“Take a wild ride down the dark, dusty, and often dangerous streets of Dallas with Lee Oswald, PI.  Still River is a terrific debut.”  –Chuck Hogan, bestselling author of The Prince of Thieves

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